e-Captains Meeting

Alright alright alright!  We are only a couple days away from the Lose2BBQ volleyball tournament!  I thought it would help to post the simple things that I would go over in the captain’s meeting.  This way you can prepare your questions, or even better, I can go through them quicker on Saturday.

So, for the most part, Sand 6s is the same as Indoor 6s:

  • I’m not enforcing the girl/guy rule for the upper divisions. At DMCVC we teach everyone to bump, set, and hit. (but this may get over-ruled at The Sands).
  • Net serves are live, keep playing.
  • Can’t block or spike a serve, also know as attacking the serve.
  • Serve/Receive is by bump, if over-hand passed, then hands must be touching.
  • A double contact is allowed after a hard driven ball, if the contacts are quick.
  • A block does not count as a contact/touch.
  • Cannot block a set.
  • Blocking only occurs when the ball is coming over the net.
  • Hands cannot break the plane of the net before the ball does.  Once the ball breaks the plane, it’s live.  Even if the wind gently blows it back over to the offense.
  • Treat the net like an electric fence.  It’s best not to touch.  Incidental touching of the net that does not affect the play is okay.
  • Do not cross under the net.  Slips, tumbles, and whoopsies are okay as long as they are away from the play of the ball.
  • Only front row players can spike at the net.
  • Lifts and carry’s are not allowed.  Y’know, those moves where you bump-pass the ball and you’re hands are open, or not together. But, the one handed bump-pass with a hard contact, is allowed.

I’m sure there’s something I forgot, and I know The Sands might want to add (or edit) some of these on Saturday.  In the mean time, I will have comments turned on and you can ask away on this page.

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